VC-D30 Resibend cables
November 25, 2015

We are pleased to inform you about the new series of drop cables that are VC-D30 Resibend cables. New VC-D30 Resibend™ & Resibend Plus™ cables are perfect for FTTH applications. Due to reduced bend loss , resibend cables can be installed directly around corners in apartments and offices, compact cabinets and customer outlets, and above all, in places where space is at the premium.  The great merit of fibers used in VC-D30 Resibend & Resibend Plus cables is the full compatibility with ITU-T G.652D and  ITU-T G.657. B3 standard (that eliminates difficulties when performing fusion splices !).


They are not scared of corners, extreme folds, or even knots. How do we know about it?

We recommend watching our test with the use of 3 cables from VC-D30 family: Resibend™, Resibend Plus™, and standard VC-D30 with G.657A2.You will clearly see that Resibend cables, even when they are tied in knots, do not change their power loss significantly. As a result,  the attenuation level is maintained at the proper level in Resibend cables, comparing to standard VC-D30 with G.657A2.

In the case of VC-D30 cable, it can be seen that the test carried out by our colleague caused significant increase of decibels. But, G.657A2 fiber does not like to be exposed to such dramatic changes and experiments, as our colleague performed. Definitely not! Resibend and Resibend Plus cables proved that even extreme conditions, like being tied in knots, do not affect the transmission or parameters.   

Therefore, a new series of our cables is fully compatible with G.657B3 and G.652D standard. Thus, do not waste more time as FTTH applications are waiting for our cables!


We kindly invite you to watch the test with the use of VC-D30 Resibend™ i Resibend Plus™, in which we prove that our cables are resistant to even extreme bending!